The odds of catching a foul ball when you go to a Major League Baseball game aren't great (unless you're one of the 18 people who go to a Marlins game on any given night), but the odds of catching a foul ball in your beer are even slimmer.

If the latter happens, you're basically the chosen one.

A woman attending Tuesday night's Braves-Padres game at PETCO Park found herself the chosen one when Atlanta's Ender Inciarte popped a foul ball straight into her beer in the upper deck. That woman, Gabby DiMarco, was greatly amused by her luck and the reaction from those around her.

"It bounced from behind me, I was trying to catch it all, and it landed in my cup," she told 

More importantly, she knew what to do in the moment with the spotlight on her. She left the ball in her beer, showed it to the crowd, and then promptly chugged the rest of her drink. Veteran move.

The germaphobe in me finds this clip partially disgusting. After all, that dirt has been touched by numerous sweaty grown men and probably has a solid coating of dirt, and now it's just swimming in the beer. Yuck. 

But the other part of me knows that sometimes you have to make some sacrifices and do some questionable things to command a crowd and become a star. There's no question that DiMarco's stock skyrocketed once she started chugging that beer, and I guess there are worse (and grosser) ways to become a star. Sometimes you just have to drink instead of overthink.

And, to DiMarco's credit, she executed the chug pretty well. It appeared to get off to a rocky start with some spillage, but she recovered quite nicely and got the job done. 

Congrats on your newfound stardom, Gabby. You earned it.