There was no more impactful trade deadline pickup this past season than the Diamondbacks adding J.D. Martinez. The D-Backs sent the Tigers three non-elite prospects, and in return, Martinez hit .303/.366/.741 with 29 homers in only 62 games with Arizona, and helped the team to the NL Division Series.

Overall, the 30-year-old Martinez swatted 45 home runs with a .303/.376/.690 batting line in 119 games in 2017, becoming the first player to hit 45 homers in fewer than 120 games. It's hard to put together a better contract season than that. Sure enough, agent Scott Boras is already touting Martinez as a $200 million player. And he's giving him a new nickname too. Two new nicknames, actually.

The King Kong of Slug? J.D. Kong? Not sure whether those will catch on. I still prefer Just Dingers Martinez myself, but to each his own.

A nickname won't get Martinez or any other player $200 million. His injury history -- Martinez has played 130 games only once in the last four years -- and lack of defensive value will prevent Martinez from getting $200 million, but Boras very well might get him $150 million. He's the best for a reason.