For the first time since MLB issued a nine-page report on the Houston Astros high-tech sign-stealing scandal, Houston players spoke to the media at the team's FanFest over the weekend. It did not go well. Astros players, including stars Alex Bregman and Jose Altuve, handled the situation the wrong way, says former MLB executive David Samson.

Samson, on the latest episode of Nothing Personal with David Samson, said when Altuve answered questions there was "zero contrition, zero I'm sorry's." 

"He is combative. He becomes a predictor," Samson said. "'We're gonna win the World Series. We're gonna be in the World Series. We did nothing wrong. At the end of the year everything's going to be fine.'"

Samson called this a "disgrace" and said if this was his team, he would have prepared the players with answers to every possible question. He also calls out the team for not making the players available before the fan event, saying this is not the time or place to be discussing the sign-stealing investigation and that it should've happened prior to a public event.

Samson also had strong words for Bregman. At the event, Bregman said, "the commissioner came out with a report, MLB did their report and the Astros did what they did. They made their decision on what they're going to do."

"That's not good enough," the former Miami Marlins president concluded. 

Samson also offered thoughts on a new candidate to manage the Astros next season: Dusty Baker.