Back in February, former Mets right-hander Jenrry Mejia was banned from baseball for life after failing a third performance-enhancing drug test. It was his third failed PED test in less than a calendar year, amazingly. Mejia is the first and so far only player to banned under the league's PED policy.

A few weeks after the ban was announced, Mejia came out and said he was targeted as part of a "witch hunt," and added the MLB Players' Association didn't do enough to protect him during the process. He hinted at legal action, and, sure enough, Mejia is planning to sue MLB and the Commissioner's Office this week.

The announcement came Monday afternoon via press release from Mejia's attorney, Vincent White. A press conference will be held Thursday in New York to "reveal a lawsuit that will have just been filed along with uncovering years of corruption" inside MLB. The press release says the lawsuit is the result of a"detailed multi year investigation" and alleges "corrupt mob-like activity" by MLB. Here's the release:

Well, if nothing else, Mejia hit all the right buzzwords in the press release with "investigation" and "corrupt" and "mob-like." That'll generate some attention. Does he have the facts to back it up? Maybe! Does he have the capital to fund a long legal battle against MLB? Probably not, but you never know.

Two years ago Alex Rodriguez filed lawsuits against MLB and the MLBPA, among others, in the wake of his Biogenesis suspension. A-Rod eventually dropped the lawsuits and served his 162-game suspension, which had been reduced from 211 games through appeal. We'll see if Mejia can follow though after A-Rod could not.

Jenrry Mejia will file a lawsuit against MLB later this week. USATSI

The league's banned substance policy allows Mejia to apply for reinstatement in one year, though the minimum ban is two years. At best, he can apply for reinstatement in 2017 and resume playing in 2018. I assume Mejia will apply for reinstatement. It's unclear how seriously commissioner Rob Manfred will consider it, especially following this upcoming lawsuit.

Mejia, 26, was limited to only seven games last year due to PED suspensions. He has a 3.68 ERA (99 ERA+) in 183 1/3 big league innings.