Wednesday afternoon, the Atlanta Braves outlasted the Washington Nationals in a wild 12-inning affair. Kurt Suzuki hit two home runs in Atlanta's 5-3 win (box score).

There was a scary moment in the fifth inning of Wednesday's game, when Braves starter Brandon McCarthy injured his left shoulder covering first base. McCarthy reached out to receive the flip from the first baseman, stepped on the bag for the out, then grabbed his shoulder in pain. He had to be removed from the game. Here's video of the play.

The good news: McCarthy's injury is not serious. He was diagnosed with a shoulder subluxation and is expected to make his next start. Fortunately it was his non-throwing shoulder. Not long after the game, McCarthy's wife Amanda took to Twitter to roast him about the injury.

Check it out:

Ouch! Then again, McCarthy is wrapping up a four-year deal worth $48 million this season. Maybe invest in a dishwasher? When you grow up washing dishes every night, dishwashers are a life-changer.