The New York Yankees entered the All-Star Break 45-41, 3 1/2 games back in the American League East. The Yankees' good standing comes despite a rough finish to the first half that saw them post a 15-21 record since June 1.

General manager Brian Cashman, then, is in an interesting position as he weighs how aggressively to approach this deadline. As it turns out, Cashman seems to have a pretty fair vision in mind. Here's what Cashman told YES Network, all the while labeling the Yankees as "careful buyers." (H/T: MLB Trade Rumors)

"We have a long-term plan that I think people are seeing the excitement from, and we're definitely not going to deviate from that," said Cashman. "…Part of that long-term plan is in the short term — winning now and putting out the best effort possible, but not at the expense of what we feel can lead us to more championships, plural. … If we can find that balancing act and retain the players we desperately need to retain … I think that's the walk we're trying to walk."

In other words, the Yankees are unlikely to dismantle their well-above-average farm system for a short-term rental. But that doesn't mean they wouldn't consider making a few trades if they could upgrade the team now without costing them in the long run. Sound about right -- and sounds about like what every other contender's general manager would say.

We'll see if Cashman stands by his comments over the next three weeks.