Police in the Dominican Republic believe they have detained the person suspected of being the mastermind behind the David Ortiz shooting, according to CBS News. That individual, Victor Hugo Gomez, is supposedly a member of a Mexican drug cartel. Gomez is said to have ordered a hit on his cousin, who he alleges "[ratted] him out" on a drug charge eight years ago. The shooter confused Ortiz for Gomez's cousin due to their similar outfits.

Here's more from the original report:

Gomez is wanted by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He had been on the run in the United States since March for a major drug sting known as "Operation Wrecking Ball."

A video purportedly showing Gomez claiming his innocence has since surfaced on social media. Gomez also states that he fears for his life.  

Ortiz is one of the world's most recognizable athletes, making him the victim of a highly improbable case of mistaken identity. Nonetheless, he's been making progress in his recovery from the June 9 shooting. Last week, he was moved out of the intensive care unit

Ortiz, of course, is best known for his days as a slugger for the Boston Red Sox. He concluded a 20-year career in 2016, finishing with 541 home runs and a slash line of .286/.380/.552 (141 OPS+). Despite primarily being a designated hitter -- a position that voters haven't fully embraced -- he's expected to be inducted into the Hall of Fame once he becomes eligible.