Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder, and recent World Series Champion, Cody Bellinger will appear in the new Assasin's Creed Valhalla video game as a character named Otta Sluggasson. This isn't just a mere one-off cameo like when famous celebrities would appear in a single shot of a Game of Thrones episode. No, Bellinger is getting involved in the character's motion capture, voice acting and face modeling as well. 

Per Ubisoft North America's description of the character, Sluggasson is "a Dane with a knack for hitting rocks very very far." You can catch a look at the process of creating the character down below. Perhaps the funniest part of the video is realizing that the game developers have really leaned into Bellinger's character being associated with baseball.

"I love video games, so when I heard I had the opportunity to be a character in a big video game, I was excited, I really was," Bellinger told ESPN about his appearance in the game. "I'm kind of a video game nerd. My brother and I played Assassin's Creed back in the day and used to love it. The graphics are so realistic. It's a game that will take up a lot of your time."

Bellinger notes that you can find the character in the game's story mode and he even presents the player with an actually challenge to advance in the game. No word on what that specific challenge is, but as long as it's not to hit a home run while Bellinger is in the outfield, it won't cause players too much issue.