Earlier on Tuesday, the esteemed Dayn Perry passed along the story Dodgers outfielder -- and current minor-leaguer -- Yasiel Puig having some fun on Snapchat.

[NOTE: Not safe for work due to language]

It seems just like players having fun, but maybe don't post everything to social media? Just a thought. Because when you do, sometimes this happens.

"We are aware of what Yasiel posted on social media last night and while we are disappointed in his and some of our other players' judgment, this is a matter we will address internally," Dodgers president Andrew Friedman said in a statement.

The two sides have been at odds since the trade deadline. Puig is listed among our top August waiver trade candidates. The best guess is the extent of the Dodgers "addressing" this is something like, "hey, don't do this again."

Since reporting to Triple-A Oklahoma City, Puig has gone 2 for 7 with a double and three RBI.