The falling catch is a relative of the diving catch, right? Like the clumsy, accident-prone member of the family who everyone still loves. After all, it gets the job done just the same. An out is an out, even if less aesthetically impressive.

I bring this up, obviously, because it just happened in AT&T Park. One of baseball's more lovable goofballs -- who is always a great sport -- Hunter Pence made what many would call a vintage Pence play. He stumbled on the right-field bullpen mound, fell and still kept enough concentration on the ball to be able to make an inning-ending catch Monday night:

Obviously with it being a foul ball, not catching that ball wouldn't have resulted in runs for the Pirates, but the catch ended the inning with runners standing on second and third. So it was very important.

And though it's worth a chuckle on the fall part, it's far more impressive that Pence was able to keep his eyes on the ball the entire time and still make the grab. In fact, it's a pretty great illustration of some top-notch hand-eye coordination.