Yankee pitcher Roger Clemens throws a piece of broken bat ba
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One of the most controversial moments in Subway Series history took place during Game 2 of the 2000 World Series when Yankees pitcher Roger Clemens tossed a piece of a broken bat towards Mets slugger Mike Piazza following a foul ball.

Clemens has never publicly discussed the incident, but former Yankees manager Joe Torre, in a recent appearance on SNY's "Like We Never Left," claimed that Clemens cried about it.

Here is Torre's explanation of what happened:

"Mel Stottlemyre, who was not coaching with us because he was in the hospital with multiple myeloma, was able to come out of the hospital and watch from my office. George Steinbrenner was in there with him. After that half inning, Roger went into the office to see Mel and Mel told me that he was crying on what he just transpired. Pitchers who have that passion, it leaks out all over the place. He (Roger) went in there and he was devastated with the result of what had happened and was crying."

Clemens and Piazza had some history prior to their teams meeting in the 2000 World Series. During the first half of that regular season, Clemens hit Piazza in the head with a fastball during a game. Piazza was diagnosed with a concussion and missed the 2000 MLB All-Star Game as a result.

Piazza joined "Carton & Roberts" on WFAN Monday and made it clear that there's no bad blood between Clemens and himself.

"Not really," Piazza said when he was asked if he holds any resentment towards Clemens. "I saw him at Michael Jordan's golf tournament in the mid-2000s, and just said hi. I guess life has a way of mellowing you out, so I have no resentment or bitter feelings towards it.

"Maybe in his mind he never wanted to talk about it. I'm a man, so if he came to me and said he wanted to talk about it, I would, but if you spend too much time wondering what goes on in other peoples' minds, you just waste a lot of time."

The situation between both players didn't end with the 2000 World Series. On June, 15, 2002, the two teams faced off at Shea Stadium for the first time since the broken bat incident. With the game being in a National League stadium, Clemens was forced to bat and Mets starting pitcher Shawn Estes threw behind Clemens during his first at-bat. Both teams received warnings for the incident.