Mariners legend and soon-to-be Hall of Fame inductee Ken Griffey Jr. is on one of this week's Sports Illustrated covers, and boy does the accompanying story feature a doozy of an anecdote about Alex Rodriguez.

To set the scene: Griffey Jr. was a well-accomplished prankster. Rodriguez, when he joined the M's, served as prime prey -- which is to say he was a naive teenager playing alongside grown men. Sure enough, Griffey Jr. couldn't resist pulling a fast one on his precocious teammate. Here are the details:

You have to hand it to Griffey Jr. -- for the imaginative construct; the willingness to involve the team trainer; and the wherewithal to call the whole thing off before it went too far. Mighty fine work overall.

You also have to feel a little bad for Rodriguez, who probably would rather not have the embarrassing tale publicized. At least he's gotten used to it over the years -- maybe?