The praying mantis is one of the coolest-looking insects on the planet we call Earth, and they attend baseball games at a surprising rate. Every year or so, a mantis makes its way into a TV broadcast. They don't act like many insects who are afraid of the light, or people, or everything. They're just kind of chill and curious dudes, which might be why Juan Perez of the Giants got involved with a mantis Thursday night at PNC Park.

There's video:


That's borderline adorable. Is it strange that the mantis didn't find Hunter Pence? That's one of Pence's nicknames, in case you forgot:

There are folks out there who have insects and snakes as pets, and they're seen as kind of fringe, but how easy would it be to have a mantis as a pet when they act like this? Like a tiny puppy cat-monkey spider. The Pirates had their way in a 4-0 victory, by the way, but the Giants won the hearts of anyone who likes cute bugs.

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Helloooo, little mantis! (