Meet your new dugout/bullpen phones

In a joint press release that features scorching, call-to-action word choices like "partnership" and "industry-leading" and "game-changing wireless capabilities" and "mobile sponsorship initiatives," MLB and T-Mobile announced that the dugout-to-bullpen phones will cease to exist in their current quaintly ancient form.

Introducing the new wireless system that will connect managers and the bullpen coaches they'd rather not be talking to anyway ...

Courtesy of Darren Rovell, valet to the inane, here's what the new dugout-bullpen phone "mission control" thingy will look like ...

No more party line!

I suppose it would be curmudgeonly of me to affect some outrage over this, but this is a "meh, whatever" kind of change to me. While the glimpse of a corded dugout horn is welcome in that it stands defiantly athwart change and stuff, this seems like both an inevitability and no big thing. After all, presumably the beta-testing phase involved Tony La Russa and Dog.

In conclusion, welcome to baseball, lovely and talented T-Mobile girl!

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