Just as MLB is starting to embrace the bat flip, Minnesota Twins minor leaguer Dusten Knight is trying to make sure pitchers have fun too. The Double-A Pensacola Blue Wahoos hurler has taken to doing backflips to celebrate closing out games.

Knight has a pair of saves this year, and he's come out gunning in 2019. But these flips might be his biggest accomplishment yet.

It might not be at the level of Bryce Harper's bat-flip against the Nationals, but that's gotta sting to be on the other side of. Regardless, if you can flip the bat you can tip your cap to someone doing this.

The only real gripe here is that the worst-case scenario of a failed backflip is a lot worse than the worst-case scenario of a failed bat flip. But a flip is a flip, so who are we to judge?

Knight is 28, and he's been in the Twins' system since 2013. He's pitching well right now, but if we're being honest, a highlight reel of back flips might be a compelling argument to move him up. What team doesn't want a closer who doubles as a designated taunter?