Monday afternoon the NFL announced their owners have approved relocation of the Oakland Raiders to Las Vegas. The move is at least two years away, but it has been agreed to. Owners voted 31-1 in favor of the move.  

The Raiders and Athletics have shared the Oakland–Alameda County Coliseum since 1995, thought it’s no secret the A’s have been looking for a new ballpark. A few hours after the Raiders move was announced, the A’s released a statement saying they are “focused” and “excited” about staying in Oakland, as long as they get a new stadium.

I can’t say I blame the A’s for using this as an opportunity to campaign for a new ballpark. They need one, desperately, and with the Raiders moving, it’s a good time to push for a new facility.

It’s entirely possible that with the Raiders leaving, the A’s will see their popularity increase in the coming years. Their flag is already flying at city hall:

Even though MLB is extremely healthy financially, commissioner Rob Manfred insists the A’s and Rays need new ballparks before the league will consider expansion.