Rockies want to keep Cuddyer & Belisle; Scutaro Giambi & Betancourt could go

The Rockies see Michael Cuddyer as the replacement to Todd Helton at first. (Getty Images)

The Rockies, who lost three starting pitchers to the disabled list and Troy Tulowitzki for most of the year, see a 2013 turnaround as realistic and are not planning to conduct a major sale.

They view Michael Cuddyer as the eventual replacement to the iconic Todd Helton at first base and don't want to move a righthanded corner bat such as Cuddyer, which they see as a rare commodity in the game. They are also determined to hold onto reliever Matt Belisle, who they love. And of course Carlos Gonzalez and Dexter Fowler aren't going anywhere.

With the coveted Cuddyer all but certain to stay, the most likely trade candidates (in order of likelihood to go) are Marco Scutaro, Jason Giambi, Rafael Betancourt, Matt Reynolds and Jonathan Herrera.

The Rays, Nationals, Giants, Rangers and A's are all among teams believed to show interest in Scutaro, who probably won't go until deadline day. The Rockies would like either a bona fide prospect back, or a fringey one with the acquiring team paying all of Scutaro's contract.

The Rockes might consider trading Betancourt, who should get interest. Several teams have called about Reynolds, who is having a nice year, but so far the Rockies haven't been offered enough to move them.

It's understanable the Rockies see next year as more promising. Tulowitzki is a key to the team (it's possible he'll miss the remainder of the year, as reported he yesterday, though he told Troy Renck of the Denver Post he's still trying to return after his June 21 groin surgery), and their kids are an impressive group, including infielder Josh Rutledge, infield prospect Nolan Arenado and many pitchers.

Giambi is a trade candidate for August. He, too, must come off the D.L. first. It's been that kind of year in Colorado.

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