A group led by three-time World Series champion Dave Stewart is looking to acquire a Major League Baseball team -- through expansion or relocation -- for the city of Nashville, Tenn. If it's able to happen, the Nashville team could be the first majority Black-owned franchise in MLB history.

During Thursday's installment of "Nothing Personal with David Samson," David Samson weighed in on a potential Nashville expansion team and believes that it could be a great idea if it's able to happen.

"If you go to 16 and 16, obviously that makes scheduling easier. Expanding to two teams would be smart," Samson said. "Also it would bring in money. Let's say that there's a billion dollar expansion fee. Each team could use $35 million and expand twice, that's $70 million. Bringing in these expansion fees would be smart and all owners would want it. But you can't expand to 32 teams until you've got 32 teams and their stadium situations taken care of."

Samson notes that the eventual goal of the MLB is to have 32 teams in the league. However, in order to add more teams to the league, the stadium situations for each of those franchises led to set in stone. As of right now, the Arizona Diamondbacks, Oakland Athletics, and Tampa Bay Rays are all looking to build a new stadium.

Another expansion team would add a ton of additional revenue to the MLB, but there are certainly hurdles in the way of that happening anytime soon.