The Chicago Cubs might have found their new David Ross -- at least in one sense. That's because the Cubs are reportedly bringing Taylor Davis to the majors:

Davis, a 27-year-old former undrafted free-agent, has been a member of the Cubs system since 2011. He's spent the season in Triple-A Iowa, where he's hit .297/.357/.429.

Of course, none of those numbers really matter. Davis isn't a prospect, per se, and he's not around to produce on the field. He is, however, an increasingly popular player due to his affinity for camera-hogging. You might've seen this video last week -- if not, prepare yourself for some all-star-caliber hamming:

Given that the Cubs are playing better as of late -- and have a decent grip on the National League Central -- there's no harm bringing someone like Davis to the majors to lighten the clubhouse mood and give us a neat little story to talk about.

Plus, now we get to find out soon if Davis' signature skill translates to the majors.