Faced with discouraging news on Victor Martinez's rehabilitation from knee surgery, the Tigers are trying to acquire another middle-of-the-order right-handed hitter.

The prospects for getting one don't seem to be great. But the Tigers are looking hard, in part because Delmon Young hasn't been as good as they had hoped hitting behind Prince Fielder, and in part because the prospects of a Martinez return are looking far less likely.

At one point, the Tigers had said that Martinez could come back as soon as late August. Now, sources say, it's only a 50-50 shot that he returns at all this year.

Martinez still hasn't been able to run, and still can't put full weight on the knee.

The Tigers still expect Martinez to return next year, when he'll be their full-time designated hitter.

The Tigers talked to the Mets at one point about Scott Hairston, but were put off by a price that included one of their top five prospects. They've considered Alfonso Soriano of the Cubs, but that seems unlikely, as well.