VIDEO: Kid takes 'playing baseball inside your house' to new level

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The action-news video to follow is not especially new, and given that more than 75,000 have already viewed it, it's entirely possible that it's not new to you. It is, however, new to me. Hence, ergo, therefore and thus: It's going to be posted in this very space. 

The lad to follow is but four years of age, and as you'll soon see he's quite precocious when it comes to playing this, our baseball. He's also presumably a very adaptive sort, as he's not the least bit daunted by the prospect of playing baseball inside his magnificently appointed home -- presumably within striking range of any number of valuables, heirlooms and immediate relatives. 

Now, please do witness the Good Life being lived ... 

It is often lamented that youth is wasted on the young. Nothing of the sort, though, is being wasted on this particular sprout of a baseball-ist.

(Wink of CBS eye:

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