WATCH: Kentucky baseball turns rare 7-2-6 triple play against Louisville

Given how rare triple plays are, it's fair to say that any and all triple-play combinations are uncommon.

But even so, it's not every day (or every 90 years) you see a team turn a 7-2-6 triple play like the one the Kentucky Wildcats pulled on Tuesday against the Louisville Cardinals. Here's a look:

Think about all the small things that had to go right for this play to happen: 

  1. The left fielder had to catch the ball
  2. The runner at third had to try scoring
  3. The throw had to get under the cut-off attempt
  4. The catcher had to make a successful tag
  5. The catcher then had to make an accurate throw to third base

When you lay it out, you can see why that combo doesn't happen very often. 

You can also see why it's pretty cool. 

CBS Sports Staff

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