The White Sox offense exploded in Kansas City on Opening Day. Actually, only for the last two-thirds of the game, but man, did they go nuts. 

After being held scoreless by Royals starter Danny Duffy for three innings, the White Sox scored five runs in the fourth and then three in the fifth, seventh and eighth, respectively, ending up with a 14-7 victory. They clubbed 14 hits in all, a figure that included three doubles and six home runs. Shortstop Tim Anderson hit two homers, but the star of the show was designated hitter Matt Davidson

The Davidson box score: 4-4-3-5. 

That doesn't do his game justice, however, because his three hits were all home runs. 

Three Opening Day home runs is something. It's record-tying. Here's the list of players in MLB history to pull off this feat: 

  • George Bell, 1988
  • Tuffy Rhodes, 1994
  • Dmitri Young, 2005
  • Matt Davidson, 2018

That's pretty damn fun. 

The fun doesn't stop there, as the White Sox hitting six home runs as a team -- the other from Jose Abreu -- also tied the MLB record for Opening Day. It's kind of hard to believe no team has ever hit seven home runs, right? Though there is a lot of cold weather, I suppose. But believe it or not, the only other team in history to hit six home runs on Opening Day was the 1988 Mets. That means the White Sox set the AL record in the course of tying the MLB record. 

Starting 1-0 is always great. Doing so in record fashion for a team that lost 95 games last year is outstanding. Good for Rick Renteria and his troops.