Signing Deron Williams was probably the best case scenario for the Cavs. They didn’t really have the assets to acquire an impact player through a trade, so they waited for the buyout market to begin. Williams was waived by Dallas and Cleveland scooped him up, adding the “playmaker” off the bench that LeBron James has seemingly been harping about all season.

It also looks like Williams is wasting no time joining the Cavs’ time-honored tradition of trolling the Golden State Warriors with “3-1 lead” jokes. Williams announced the number he’ll be wearing with Cleveland and it’s -- you guessed it -- 31.

OK so this could conceivably be a coincidence. We can speculate with cockamamie theories like everyone did when Kobe Bryant switched from No. 8 to No. 24: Well, Williams usually wears No. 8, and half of eight is four ... 3 + 1 = 4. Boom, 31!

Not that the complex algebra above isn’t airtight, but consider that Williams has worn No. 8 his entire career in the NBA so far, and in college at Illinois he wore No. 5. Neither of those really bears any similarity to 31. And some people might think it has to do with Williams’ age, but he’s actually 32 years old -- so that’s out.

Sure, some might say that it’s because Williams wore No. 31 in high school, but nobody wants to remember those harsh, awkward teenage years.

So if we’re adhering to Occam’s razor that the simplest explanation is usually the correct one -- Deron Williams is trolling the Warriors.

Folks on Twitter were quick to join in on the fun.

Just when you think the 3-1 lead jokes might be starting to die, something like this happens and guarantees they will last at least until this year’s NBA Finals ... unless of course the Warriors blow another 3-1 lead, and if that’s the case, God help us all.