Former Denver Nuggets forward and longtime NBA veteran Kenyon Martin took to Twitter on Thursday to respond to comments released from George Karl in his new book, which claim a lack of maturity on Martin's part, caused by the absence of a father figure in Martin and All-Star forward Carmelo Anthony's life.

Martin, as they say, went off.

Carmelo Anthony, on the other hand, wants no part of it.

Karl's comments were strongly criticized, and rightly so, on Thursday. That they come in the context of promotion for a tell-all book from Karl due out next month only makes the situation uglier. Karl won a lot of games in his NBA coaching career, but players across the league who played for him have walked away with a negative perception, and Karl has to own that. Furthermore, if Karl had simply criticized Martin's and Anthony's work ethic and maturity, no one would have batted an eye. But to bring their upbringing, especially considering their backgrounds, into it?

That's never going to be a good look.

There's going to be more fallout from these comments, and whatever else is in Karl's book. But there's very little chance Karl comes out of this situation looking good.