Everybody is wondering where Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant will sign this summer in free agency. Will he remain with the Thunder? Will he join the 73-win Golden State Warriors? Is he willing to go to the Eastern Conference and sign with the Boston Celtics or Miami Heat? Would he be willing to resurrect the New York Knicks? Durant's destiny right now is a mystery and we're digging for as many clues as we can from reports, rumors, and things he says.

The latest interest with Durant's plans this summer come from comments he made after the announcement of the USA Basketball roster for the Rio Oympics. Durant was asked about the Knicks after their trade for Derrick Rose, and he likes their core of players.

Perhaps he'll add New York to his short list of teams to consider?

These could be genuine thoughts by Durant. They could be just something he felt was a nice thing to say about a team he's not truly considering. Or they could be a glimpse into his soul as he's secretly crying out that he wants to be a member of the Knicks more than anything. We don't quite know yet what it means and if it's anything more than the words being said. This is the part of the pre-free agency bonanza in which we pull out our decoder rings and try to decipher what players are really thinking.

It was reported that the Knicks were neither a yes or a no for getting a meeting with Durant and his people when teams can start contacting him on July 1. Maybe they weren't a possibility until the acquisition of Rose and Durant believes he can be healthy and a factor in this league again. We'll just have to keep waiting and adjusting the tin foil hats until we get real answers. The thought of Durant reviving Madison Square Garden is pretty fun though.

Kevin Durant has high praise of what the Knicks have put together. USATSI