LaVar Ball is doing his post NBA Draft Lottery media tour, and with the Lakers slotted at the No. 2 pick in this June's draft, Ball is feeling confident. However, his confidence got the better of him in a heated discussion with Fox Sports 1's Kristine Leahy. She tried to bring up criticisms against him, but Ball didn't want to hear from her.

Ball told "The Herd" co-host to "stay in her lane." He also said Big Baller Brand is not a women's company despite the fact that his site does in fact have women's clothing.

When Leahy asked Ball how many shoes he had sold Ball responded by telling her to "stay in your lane" along with "she scares me to death" and to "leave me alone."

When Leahy mentioned that Ball would probably have a better chance at making a deal with Nike or Adidas if they appealed to women, Ball said "What is this show about again? I thought we were talking about shoes? I don't want to talk about this" and deflected Leahy's attempt to ask about appealing the company to women.

LaVar Ball doesn't like not having a chance to control what's being said. When Leahy attempted to do as much, he made it his mission to remove her from the conversation as much as possible. Whenever she did inject herself he acted as if she didn't deserve to be a part of the conversation when Leahy is as much a member of "The Herd" as her co-host Colin Cowherd.

However, it's hard to be too defensive of Leahy when she made comments about how Ball treats his children moments before having him on the show. Still, the way he acted was unacceptable in any form and there were far better ways to approach it than the one he chose.