For years, there has been one piece of mysticism that has held Kevin Durant back during his tenure with the Oklahoma City Thunder -- the Based God's curse set by Lil B.

The Based God's curse was put on Durant shortly after he casually dismissed the music of Bay Area rapper Lil B in 2011. The rapper became immediately incensed by Durant's dismissal and challenged the All-Star forward to a game of one-on-one for ultimate bragging rights. Durant ignored Lil B's challenge, which made the rapper even more upset so after consulting with the mythical Based God, a curse was put on him and the Thunder.

Yes, the whole thing sounds ridiculous (and frankly, it is) but for whatever reason, the curse seemed to have a legitimate impact on Durant. The Thunder never won a championship with Durant as he kept getting oh-so-close to winning but always coming up just short. This was obviously not because of the Based God's curse, yet the world works in mysterious ways, so we can't ultimately discount it. Especially since whenever the Thunder would lose or if Durant suffered a setback, Lil B would pop up to remind everyone about the Based God's curse.

However, Durant's stunning announcement to join the Warriors wasn't the only shocker on this Fourth of July Monday. Lil B made a stunning announcement as well, lifting The Based God's curse that was on KD, now that he took his talents to the Bay Area:

Hailing from the East Bay, Lil B is a passionate Warriors fan so it is not too surprising that the Based God's curse would be lifted now that Durant is on the rapper's favorite team. But according to Lil B, fandom had little to do with the curse being lifted. It was all because of Durant's actions, which Lil B says showed a lot of heart.

"A player can shows their heart with their actions," Lil B told CBS Sports. "Kevin Durant didn't really need to say anything, he showed with his actions that he wants to be a Warrior. He is a warrior. He's coming to Oakland, California! So the Based God seen Durant's heart and earnestness and said it was only right for the curse to be lifted."

Along with the Based God curse being lifted, Lil B told CBS Sports that he is not going to challenge Durant to play one-on-one anymore. Instead, Lil B is planning on buying courtside tickets to Golden State games and cheering Durant on while wearing the All-Star's new Warriors jersey.

"Let's forget about one-on-one and let's focus on winning on another championship." Lil B told CBS Sports, effectively ending the conflict that existed between him and Durant.

Lil B no longer has any beef with Kevin Durant. Getty Images