LeBron James USATSI Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James is well established as one of the greatest players in NBA history after a legendary high school career. Now his two sons, Bronny and Bryce James, are attempting to make their own strides on the basketball court in their teenage years.

Both Bronny, 17, and Bryce, 15, play for the California Basketball Club -- a Los Angeles area travel team which practices at Sierra Canyon High School where Bronny is a four-star prospect in the class of 2023 -- which is currently competing overseas in Europe against teams from London, Paris, and Rome. During their game on Thursday, LeBron tweeted out that he gets extremely "emotional" watching his sons play together on the court.

"Man I'm literally watching Bronny and Bryce on the court together for the first time in a game situation!! This is INSANE!! I'm EMOTIONAL AF!! WOW," LeBron tweeted.

It's not surprising that a father would be emotional watching his children playing sports at any level, never mind on a big stage like Bronny and Bryce usually are. During the NBA season, the Los Angeles Lakers star doesn't get to attend every single one of his sons' games, so traveling overseas with them must be a rare treat.

LeBron has made it clear in the past that he wants to be able to play with Bronny in the NBA once he makes that leap. With LeBron already being 37 years old, playing together may be a brief opportunity, but it seems like that he'll want to be on whatever NBA team ends up drafting Bronny, which wouldn't be until 2024 at the earliest.

Unfortunately for James, the California Basketball Club lost against the Hoopsfix Elite from London on Thursday. The California Basketball Club will have a chance at redemption next week when they take on teams from Paris and Rome as the overseas tour rolls on.