Throughout the summer, one of the biggest non-player-related storylines has been the NBA's transition to Nike as the supplier of the team's jerseys. There's been a huge on-going rollout over the past few months, with each team getting multiple new looks, some of which haven't even been released yet. 

Unfortunately for Nike, it didn't take long for there to be a malfunction. During the first night of preseason action on Saturday, Los Angeles Lakers' Tyler Ennis had his jersey ripped apart by Aaron Brooks

As Ennis tried to leak out on the break, Brooks grabbed ahold of the back of his jersey to try and slow him down, but he couldn't hang on for very long, as Ennis nearly lost the "0" on the back of his shirt. 

Haha, whoops!

Pretty sure jerseys aren't supposed to do that. That's definitely not the start Nike and the NBA were hoping for from their partnership. 

There was one person excited by the mishap, however, as Ennis tossed his ripped up jersey to a lucky fan who will have a pretty unique souvenir.