After reviewing the tape from Saturday night's fight between the Lakers and Rockets involving Rajon Rondo, Chris Paul and Brandon Ingram, the league has reportedly determined -- after allegations from Houston that L.A.'s Rajon Rondo spit on Paul, leading to the dust-up -- that all were guilty to some degree. As such, the league has handed down suspensions that will keep out all three for multiple games.

Because the Rockets play again on Sunday night, the NBA moved swiftly to reportedly impose the harshest of penalties on Ingram; Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul also will miss multiple games, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, which was later confirmed by the NBA.

Video of Saturday's incident appeared to show Rondo spitting on CP3's face, which led to him shoving his hand in Rondo's face. Rondo didn't take kindly to the gesture, and returned fire with a punch.

Ingram, meanwhile, who was being held back by Lonzo Ball for the play prior after shoving Harden -- which occurred before the entire incident -- quickly rushed from halfcourt to the scuffle to defend his teammate. Presumably, his penalty is the harshest because he both instigated initial shoving and also threw a punch shortly after the dust-up between Paul and Rondo.

There was some debate about whether Rondo actually spit on Paul -- the Lakers denied it happened, and Houston submitted tape proving it believed the opposite to be true -- but the suspensions will hold regardless he did or not. The league has not yet commented on what it found in its video review of the incident nor confirmed the suspensions or their length, but with Houston facing the Clippers on Sunday night, expect Paul to be a DNP until we hear otherwise.