The Raptors have already been soundly destroyed for firing Dwane Casey after being swept in the second round of the playoffs by the Cavaliers. Whether that's fair or not, Toronto isn't doing itself any favors. With Casey getting a finalist nod for Coach of the Year alongside Brad Stevens and Quin Snyder, the Raptors did what most teams would do: Congratulated the coach that led them to the best record in the East and a playoff berth.

However, doing it publicly was a bold move, given the optics when they fired Casey in the first place.

So, who's going to tell the Raptors' social media team?

As you would expect, the Raptors were soundly crushed for this tweet. Everyone seemingly had a GIF in reaction to the Raptors' jovial congratulations. 

Responses ranged from awkward: 

To incredulous:

To outright derisive:

Of course, the Raptors were happy that their coach was nominated for Coach of the Year. He was ultimately fired because LeBron James has owned his team in the postseason for the past two years. And while it's perfectly fine to be happy with your coach -- even your ex-coach -- on a season in which your team ended up with home-court advantage, NBA Twitter will always crush you for something like this. 

The Raptors just learned the most important lesson in sports that has been taught time and time again: Never tweet.