In one of the more expected moves in what has been an absurd offseason, Dwyane Wade decided to opt in to the final year of his contract with the Chicago Bulls, which is worth $24 million -- far more money than he'd get anywhere in free agency. 

As it turns out, however, Wade might not be getting all of that amount, and he might not even spend that much time with the Bulls this upcoming season. That's because, according to Nick Friedell of ESPN, a buyout between the Bulls and Wade is "inevitable."

Friedell, who was on The Jump Tuesday, also noted that the young players on the Bulls are not fond of Wade. 

Some of Friedell's comments during the segment:

"The young players on the Bulls really can't stand Dwyane. It's no secret in Chicago, they have had enough."

"This is inevitable. It's coming. It's just a matter of when not if. But right now, guys, it's just kind of a staring contest. Everybody's looking at each other saying 'OK, how much money are you willing to give up?'"

"This is a divorce that's going to happen, but it may take some time."

It's pretty interesting to hear about the young Bulls' players frustrations with Wade, though it's quite understandable that they were annoyed by Wade calling them out in the media for not working hard enough when he reportedly didn't practice on many occasions.

With Wade heading for a Chicago exit, it will be fascinating to see where he ends up. Could he go back to Miami to finish out his career with Pat Riley? Or perhaps he'll join his good friend LeBron James for one last title run in Cleveland.