Early on Tuesday, we saw LeBron James join Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, and other NBA players for one of the most talented pickup games ever assembled

On Tuesday night, however, James was at Cedar Point (an amusement park in Northeast Ohio) for his LeBron James Family Foundation "We Are Family Reunion." 

As he was sitting in an oversized car designed to look like the front of a roller coaster, James was soon joined by on old friend. Strolling out onto stage came "Shirtless J.R. Smith," the post-championship alter ego of J.R. Smith.

"J.R. ... J.R. ... J.R. ... where's your shirt?" LeBron asked his teammate.

"I need that workout," Shirtless J.R. Smith replied. "I'm over there striving for greatness, you know that."

The skit ended quickly, as Shirtless J.R. Smith took a shirt from LeBron and got into the car, but even if it was for only a few seconds, it was great to see the legend return.