In pretty gross news, a fan paid $3,190 for a used Stephen Curry mouthguard in an online auction on Sunday morning, per ESPN's Darren Rovell. The Golden State Warriors superstar's name appears on both the mouthguard itself and the carrying case, so it has to be authentic. Apparently a fan found it at a Warriors road game last December.

Not sure what's weirder: that someone really, really wanted to own a piece of memorabilia that had been in Curry's mouth, or that the president of the auction company told ESPN that he expected it to sell for $5,000 or more. (How disappointing.)

Stephen Curry and his mouthguard
Stephen Curry and his mouthguard in the NBA Finals. USATSI

Curry always seems to have his mouthguard hanging out of his mouth during games, and a quick Google search reveals that he was doing this all the way back in college. This has been duplicated in NBA 2K16, skewered in a Kaiser Permanente commercial and discussed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. It's strange, but it has sort of become a part of the Stephen Curry experience.

Related: A headband Wilt Chamberlain wore in the early 1970s sold for $4,141 in the same auction, according to ESPN. What would you rather have, a future Hall of Famer's used mouthguard or a legend's 40-year-old headband?