Wade and LeBron deflect 2014 free agency questions

There's a three-peat at stake and an entire season yet to play, but a large focus of the Miami Heat's media day on Monday was about next summer. 

Why? Because LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh could all potentially be free agent should they choose to exercise their early termination options. 

Both Wade and LeBron were peppered with questions, and they did their best to deflect and dismiss.

"For me, being a leader of this team, I owe it to this organization, to my teammates to not get involved in it, to not talk about it," James told reporters. "I'm not going to address it.

"Once we get to that point, I'll address it," he said. "I don't think it's appropriate to talk about it right now."

There's a pretty consensus feeling that everything hinges on LeBron, and that Wade's future is mostly sealed already in Miami. So he really didn't even have to deal with too many queries about his own free agency, but rather LeBron's. But he's not worried. 

"You have concern when you feel people want to go elsewhere," Wade said. "I don't think nobody is looking to go elsewhere.

"We all know inside our locker room that LeBron is committed to this team."

Again, the pending 2013-14 season might have a lot to do with what LeBron decides to do, because as Chris Bosh recently said, it would be hard to break up a team that just three-peated. But an issue standing in the way of that, and therefore LeBron's future in Miami, could be Wade's health. His knees have become a persistent bother for the Heat, and almost were partially responsible for an early exit from the postseason. Asked if his health might be a factor, Wade knocked that one away too.

"Don't try to put that pressure on me," Wade said. "You can stop that right now."

Wade has undergone treatment on his knees and according to LeBron, health might not be an issue this season anyway.

"He’s healthier now than he has been since probably our first training camp together," LeBron said. 

And if that's the case, Miami might win everything in 2014 -- another title, and the derby to lock up LeBron. 

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