WATCH: Jamal Crawford puts on a show at Isaiah Thomas' tournament

Jamal Crawford hears it from the crowd.
Jamal Crawford hears it from the crowd. (USATSI)

During Memorial Day weekend last month, Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas hosted a basketball tournament in his hometown of Tacoma, Washington. This was Thomas' second annual "Memorial Day Zeke-End Basketball Tournament" and a whole host of NBA players and former players took par in it. Besides Thomas, Jamal Crawford, Nate Robinson, Kelly Olynyk and Brian Scalabrine played in the three-day tournament.

The tournament provided the perfect setting for Crawford, who played in joggers (or full length tights), but was still able to unleash an array of dribbling skills and tricks on helpless defenders.

One moment that really sticks out from that highlight mix is when Crawford found himself matched up against Olynyk. Playing against the taller defender, Crawford went for the nutmeg, almost succeeding.

Summer basketball was made for players like Crawford. 

H/T: r/NBA

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