Everything seemed to be going the Oklahoma City Thunder's way on Thursday night -- even the foul calls.

In fact, late in the third quarter, the Thunder and Russell Westbrook benefited from one of the worst foul calls ever. And, because this is just how these things work, the foul was called on Kevin Durant.

Driving to the basket, Westbrook made use of a Steven Adams screen, and with some space in front of him he appeared ready to explode to the basket. Before he could get off the ground, however, he slipped and careened toward the baseline. As he did, the referee whistled for a foul, despite the fact no one was really close to him.

As you can see -- both live and in the replay -- Westbrook simply slipped. 

Westbrook simply slipped.  NBA/Turner

On the replay, it looks like part of his shoe came undone, causing Westbrook to lose his grip on the court. It's always easy to watch on TV or look at a replay and say a call was bad, but this was really bad. Westbrook started falling down when he was still a good 5-10 feet from KD.

Unfortunately, this is not exactly a good season for a blown call of this magnitude. The refs and players have been at odds pretty much right from opening night, and this is sure to only add fuel to the fire.