Magic Johnson surprised many when he and Jeanie Buss teamed up to oust Jim Buss and Mitch Kupchak as the duo running the Lakers. It was the peak of a power struggle between Jeanie and Jim that had been taking place for years. Now that Johnson is in control of the team operations, the future of the Lakers is his vision.

This will be Johnson's first offseason and he has monumental expectations to meet. Usually a new regime is given time to build its vision, but with the way Johnson and Buss took over they'll be expected to hit the ground running. Johnson doesn't seem too worried. He spoke Thursday and gave a small look into what his plans are for the summer.

"We have the 28th pick. Always trades can be made. We do have cap space as well, so we can sign a free agent if we wanted to. But I'm really looking to keep the cap space we have and really try to play into next year's free agent class and not really this free agent class."

Johnson has been adamant since joining the Lakers that nobody is untouchable as far as trades go so it's no surprise to hear him claim that a trade can always be made. He also sounds like he plans on making the most out of what's expected to be a very deep 2017 NBA Draft class. What's surprising to hear is Johnson admit that Los Angeles doesn't really plan on going after anybody in this year's free agency group and instead choosing to keep the cap space.

This is a refreshingly patient take on the part of Johnson. There was a concern that when he took over the Lakers would sell away their youth, and future, to try and win games as soon as possible. However, he seems willing to wait it out and not make a move until Los Angeles is ready to do so.