Stephen Curry's range is basically unlimited. He can make shots from several feet behind the 3-point line and even from half-court. Curry definitely has some natural talent but it took a lot of hard work and practice to perfect his shot.

The Golden State Warriors are also a big reason why Curry is such a potent offensive player. Their player development team has worked closely with Curry and has him ready for any type of situation on the court.

Recently, the Warriors have even been putting Curry through a rather unique drill near the end of practices where the ball is bounced to a random location on the court and he has to score right away while being defended by two coaches.

"We try to put Steph through stuff that he will be doing more in the game," Warriors player development coach Bruce Fraser told KNBR. "Instead of just straight shots, it's more off the move. Things that are pertinent to our offense. I throw it out and it's almost like a faceoff, where who gets to the ball first, how we guard him, make him make a tough shot." 

"Nick [U'ren, special assistant to head coach Steve Kerr] always wants to do it. So Steph sort of deemed that portion of the workout 'Bringing-Nicky-Joy.' We used to throw it to him and just go get him. Now I just sort of throw the ball out, he's got to go chase it and we try to double team him."

Fraser did clarify that the drill is mainly fun for U'Ren and himself as it has no "strategic merit or value" for Curry, yet it is a perfect example of what Golden State's culture is all about. Everyone on the team, including the coaching staff, has fun and that type of environment helps to foster the type of success the Warriors have experienced since Kerr took over.

And while the drill may not truly help Curry, he has been able to make some wild shots over two defenders, so perhaps it's helping even if Fraser and U'Ren weren't planning on it. 

Curry tries to score in his new shooting drill.
Curry tries to score in his new shooting drill. (KNBR)