Stephen Curry's pre-game shooting routine is legendary even among NBA players. The greatest shooter in NBA history is extremely meticulous about his warmups, taking both catch-and-shoot and off-the-dribble attempts from almost every area on the floor. That is literal, as the routine concludes with a shot nowhere near the court itself: a 50-foot bomb from the tunnel. It's not a shot he could actually take in games, but given his track record with circus shots, there's no sense in arguing with the process. 

And now he's tinkered with it to make that tunnel shot even crazier.  Rather than shoot from the tunnel on the floor before Saturday's preseason opener, Curry took things a step further by nailing a shot from all the way in the stands. 

Curry missed most of last season after suffering a broken bone in his left hand. That might explain the revised routine, as the Warriors moved into the Chase Center last season, but Curry played only three regular-season games there due to his injury. Now that he knows the arena, he's seen fit to tinker. 

Of course, the absence of fans in San Francisco makes a big difference as well. Curry couldn't venture so far into the stands without being mobbed by Warriors fans under normal circumstances, but he's taken advantage of their absence to push the boundaries of shooting even further.