WATCH: Trae Young hits 30-foot game-winner; massive potential already starting to show

If you're sleeping on Trae Young, you better wake up. Preseason or not, I don't care: This dude is the real deal. On Wednesday night, in what might very well hold up as the best highlight of the Hawks' entire season, Young hit a 30-foot bomb with 2.2 seconds left to seal a 130-127 win for Atlanta over the Spurs.

This shot capped a second-half run in which Young looked like the best player on the floor. He already knows how to use his body to keep defenders on his back and hit floaters. He can create space and finish creatively. Hawks GM Travis Schlenk said Young's best asset is his passing, and indeed that was on display vs. San Antonio as well. All told, Young finished with 22 points and seven assists on 4 of 8 shooting from three. He also only had one turnover. 

Young is going to have his struggles this year, as all rookies do. This isn't to suggest any of the concerns about him aren't valid. He's small. Thin. But you can see so many things in his game that you can't teach. His feel for the floor. And, yes, his inexorable ability to pull up from absolutely anywhere. That bends defenses past the point of recovery. That changes games. That's why people compare him to Stephen Curry, and from that standpoint, it's not a crazy comparison. The fact of the matter is there are only a handful of NBA players who can make a shot like that with such ease. Such confidence. Give me all the Trae Young stock. 

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