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NBA schedule release 2018-19: Warriors-Lakers, Rockets-Thunder among 15 games to mark on your calendar

Also, Boston vs. Philly gives us a first look at one Finals favorite and ... Markelle Fultz!

No more excuses for Russell Westbrook -- it's time for him to lift the Thunder to elite status

With Carmelo gone, and Paul George back, this is Westbrook's best chance to show he can lead a team to greatness

NBA Star Power Index: LeBron, Carmelo and Kevin Durant dominate headlines in a wild offseason

For the NBA, the most unpredictable time of year is after the season ends

Why the Hawks fell in love with Trae Young, and how it has little to do with Steph Curry

The concerns about Young might be real, but after his summer league showing, so are the hopes for him in Atlanta

Kevin Love extension shows post-LeBron Cavaliers are settling into NBA's trickiest reality

Being just good, in many ways, has become bad, but perhaps we should rethink that stance

2018 NBA free agency: Expectations for LeBron's Lakers; debating most improved team from summer moves

How far can we expect to see LeBron lead his Lakers in Year One? Which team suffered the most losses in free agency?

Why LeBron James leaving Cavaliers could actually be good for Cleveland's future

Two years from now, the Cavs could be flush with cap space and multiple lottery-pick players

With LeBron James signed long term, Lakers have a delicate Kawhi Leonard decision to make

Go get your guy at the expense of the future, or wait and hope he comes on his own

Warriors getting DeMarcus Cousins only makes Lakers, even with LeBron James, look more foolish

FYI: The Lakers paid nearly two times more for Rajon Rondo than the Warriors paid for Cousins

Warriors have already won free agency as Lakers strike out on Paul George, Rockets lose Ariza

Golden State was all smiles after the opening few hours of free agency Sunday morning

2018 NBA Free Agency: Where the LeBron James sweepstakes stands with Paul George returning to Thunder

The first domino has fallen, and things are getting very dicey for the Lakers

LeBron James free agency: The Lakers make the most sense as the craziness begins

Wherever LeBron ends up, the NBA needs it to be somewhere other than Cleveland

2018 NBA Free Agency: Date looming for Rockets' chances at landing LeBron James

The clock is definitely ticking, but there is a fairly realistic way for this to happen

Kawhi Leonard, the posturing Spurs and a Lakers team that can't have it both ways

If the Lakers want a three-star superteam, they have to trade some of their future

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