Who is Andre Ingram? One of the NBA's best stories of the season

Andre Ingram went undrafted in 2007 out of American University. He signed with the Utah Flash and began a serviceable career in the G-League. That's all Ingram has ever been. A career minor league player. However, he always had dreams of making it to the NBA. As all professional players do. For 10 years he worked in NBA's developmental league with hopes of getting a call up.

On Tuesday, Ingram got to live that dream. The Lakers called the 32-year-old up from their G-League affiliate, the South Bay Lakers, to play in their final two games of the season. His reaction to everything that is happening around him is incredible.

This could have been where the story ends. Ingram gets the call up of his dreams, spends two games on the Lakers roster, and maybe plays a few minutes here and there. However, Ingram got some early playing time against the Rockets and made the most of it. In six minutes he poured in 11 points.

Ingram didn't just make the most of his opportunity. He thrived in it. So much so that other players around the NBA took notice. Chris Paul congratulated him when he first entered the game.

His own Lakers teammates couldn't contain their excitement for him. The Los Angeles crowd loudly chanted MVP for him.

The story was such a big deal that they interviewed his wife and he made a 3-pointer during the interview. Her reaction is priceless.

Another G-League success story, Jeremy Lin, took notice and gave him his congratulations on Twitter. The entire moment turned into a celebration of Ingram and his accomplishment.

In the end the Lakers lost 105-99 and Ingram finished with 19 points. He became the oldest player to score 15 plus points in an NBA debut since 1963. He didn't miss a shot until the fourth quarter. The results of the game itself was pointless. All anybody could talk about was the 32-year-old rookie from Richmond, Virginia, who had achieved a lifelong dream and played really well at that. It was pretty damn cool.

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