A New Orleans Pelicans season ticket holder, Arcade Fire frontman Will Butler is not just a serious NBA fan. He is also a solid basketball player.

Butler played high school basketball at the famed Phillips Exeter Academy preparatory school in New Hampshire and continues playing whenever he gets a chance. The Arcade Fire frontman even holds an annual charity basketball tournament in Montreal. So it should come as no surprise that Butler took Friday's NBA All-Star Celebrity Game very seriously. 

Butler played competitively and tough throughout the game, helping Team Canada come away with the 74-63 win. Because of his play, Butler was awarded the game's MVP award. However, Butler's MVP speech took an awkward turn when he started to talk about the political differences between Canada and USA. As soon as he turned his speech political, ESPN's Sage Steele cut him off.

Here is the full text of the exchange via The Guardian:

Win Butler: I’ve lived in the great city of Montreal for 15 years. I’ve represented Montreal. If you guys want to fast-track my Canadian citizenship, hopefully this will help make me a permanent resident. I just want to say that I’m retiring as a celebrity right now, so I will not be eligible for the celebrity game next year. I’m retiring as a celebrity. We brought this home for Canada. Respect to Drake. Respect to Team Canada.

Sage Steele: You know Kevin Hart has said he’s retired for 10 years and he keeps coming back so I feel like they’d welcome you back. Congratulations.

Win Butler: Thank you, I just want to say that it’s an election year in the US – [cue ESPN bumper music] – the US has a lot they can learn from Canada: healthcare, taking care of people, and I think ...

Sage Steele: So we’re talking about celebrities and not politics. Congratulations on your MVP!

Since Butler couldn't complete his speech, this probably means that the next Arcade Fire album will have a political angle to it. 

The MVP.