The Panthers recently released Michael Oher, their former left tackle, but the man who was the focal point of "The Blind Side" book and movie remains in the news.

Oher was ditched by Carolina after failing a physical, likely stemming from concussion issues he suffered during the early part of 2016. He may find it difficult to get new work, and the lawsuit against him by an Uber driver probably won't help matters much.

A Nashville Uber driver has a lawsuit against Oher and now, in a 911 call published online by the Tennessean, it appears that Oher allegedly "attacked" and "bit" the Uber driver.

"I drove him, he's drunk, he's trying to attack me right now," the Uber driver is heard saying. 

The dispatcher proceeded to ask him a follow-up question about where the driver was located when he started screaming.

"He just attacked me!" the driver shouted.

After more scuffling, the driver began to sound extremely distraught. 

"He just attacked me. He bit me ... my back ... I need a cop right now," the driver said. 

Michael Schwab of the Tennessean also posted a video on Twitter with captions for part of the call.

The entire thing is pretty disturbing -- you never hear Oher yelling, but the Uber driver sounded absolutely terrified and at one point said that Oher was "very drunk." You can hear the driver claiming to Oher that "you attacked me" while crying and sounding extremely upset.

"He's very drunk," the driver said, sounding emotionally distressed. 

Oher, who defended fired Panthers GM Dave Gettleman last week, has been in the concussion protocol since last September

The former first-round pick of the Ravens is expected to appear in court on October 31.