Former Oklahoma quarterback Baker Mayfield has been scrutinized like no one else in this draft. From character concerns to strength of schedule, everyone has an opinion on the 2017 Heisman Trophy winner. However, Mayfield has been sure of himself every step of the way, and it runs so deep that he reportedly has a list of media members that have "crossed the line," per Sports Illustrated's Peter King.

"Today, Mayfield is keeping a list of the media members who have crossed a line, he says, and he stores screenshots of offending tweets in his phone," King wrote. "All of it serves as motivation when he's working out alone, he told [Russell] Wilson."

Another highly scrutinized quarterback used to do something similar. Colin Kaepernick used to go through Twitter and favorite hateful tweets from 49ers fans, using it as motivation.

For Mayfield, that chip on his shoulder comes with the package. He threw for 3,700 yards or more in all three of his years at Oklahoma, culminating with his sterling 2017 in which he threw for 4,627, 43 touchdowns and six interceptions. More than that, there are few quarterbacks in college that look more comfortable or fluid than Mayfield.

However, in spite of this weird trait, Mayfield says that criticism doesn't get to him.

"At the same time it really doesn't bother me that much," Mayfield said. "Because I know the people that say some of these things have never actually taken a snap behind center, never had a 300-pound lineman about to hit them while they have to read the defense downfield.

"If I was worried too much about it, I'd be worried about the wrong things. But I do use some of it as motivation. I can listen to all the people patting me on the back, or I can listen to the people saying I need to get better. I know I need to get better, or else there would be nobody saying that."

That doesn't seem particularly problematic. "Bulletin board material" has been around since the dawn of sports. But that doesn't mean that Mayfield won't want to look at his list in a few years and serve those on it a heaping helping of "I told you so."