The Cleveland Browns, despite making a bunch of changes this offseason, and not doing all that much offensively. Seven games into their season, the Browns rank 22nd in yards per game and 23rd in points per game, while their rushing attack has been extremely inefficient and Baker Mayfield has been inconsistent while showing intermittent flashes of excellence. (It doesn't help that Mayfield's receivers lead the league in drop rate.) 

Still, Mayfield does not think there is any reason for the Browns to panic about their production. He doesn't think they need to do anything rash or make any dramatic changes. 

Mayfield appears to be contradicting Browns coach Hue Jackson, who said after the team's loss to the Bucs last Sunday that he might strip offensive coordinator Todd Haley of play-calling duties in order to resume them himself. 

As our Ryan Wilson noted, that us unlikely to be a successful strategy. "Just to be clear: In addition to his head-coaching responsibilities, Jackson was the the play caller during his first two seasons in Cleveland, when the team went 1-15 and 0-16 and the unit ranked 29th and 32nd, according to Football Outsiders. Heading into Sunday's game, the Browns' offense ranked ... 30th."

More likely, a coaching change next offseason is what it will take to cure the Browns' woes. Jackson has not shown himself to be up to the challenge during his three seasons on the job, and the Browns would be wise to bring an a new voice to guide Mayfield's development. The No. 1 overall pick cannot and should not be wasted.