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As if Tom Brady being able to win a Super Bowl in his first season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at age 43 wasn't incredible enough, it was reported earlier this month that he accomplished this while playing on a fully torn MCL. Brady reportedly had been dealing with this pain before he signed with the Buccaneers last offseason, but did have surgery this summer to correct the issue.

While Brady was able to set a Buccaneers franchise record with 40 passing touchdowns in the regular season and won his fifth Super Bowl MVP, did his teammates know that he was dealing with a serious injury? Bucs wide receiver Mike Evans recently told that he knew Brady was hurt, but didn't know that it was a fully torn MCL.

"I knew he was hurt, hurt pretty bad," Evans said. "But you know, he's as tough as you're going to get. He was battling. I didn't know it was torn. But it speaks to as tough as a player he really is."

Brady's injury situation could be something that the NFL looks into; he was not listed on the team's injury report each week despite dealing with said injury. As CBS Sports' John Breech penned, the NFL has a specific rule about reporting injuries, and the commissioner has the ability to punish the team or player involved. When asked if the Buccaneers would be punished over the Brady situation earlier this offseason, the league declined to comment on the matter to Pro Football Talk.

While Evans said that he knew Brady was pretty banged up during the season, he told that he can't really see a difference with his quarterback after he went under the knife, but that he looks very "springy" and "wiry" right now.