According to multiple reports, former Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is facing a four-game suspension from the NFL if he is able to make it back onto a team's roster.

The suspension is for a violation of the league's substance-abuse policy.

The NFL is clearly worried about the former first-round pick and said as much earlier this week. The public display of not giving a single care in the world has been pretty blatant -- Manziel traveled to Cabo in a Josh Gordon Browns jersey and is claiming to go "completely sober" on Friday, July 1 before beginning a comeback to the NFL.

Needless to say, the suspension creates another major roadblock for Manziel.

Even if a team was willing to take a chance on him -- and it's really unlikely any franchise would do so for the 2016 season -- Manziel would be unavailable for the first four games. Again: no team was signing him for 2016 and certainly not starting him for 2016, but a four-game suspension is another major red flag in an offseason stuffed full of them.

Johnny Manziel isn't returning calls from the NFL. USATSI

Mike Garafolo of Fox Sports reports Manziel has heretofore been uncooperative with the NFLPA when it comes to an appeal of the suspension, meaning it's highly unlikely he will have it overturned.

So to recap: Manziel's father thinks he's a druggie who belongs in jail, Manziel is partying in Cabo at a mansion while wearing a Browns jersey, Manziel is facing a domestic violence charge, Manziel is facing a four-game suspension and Manziel isn't talking with the Browns, former Browns, the NFLPA or the NFL.

It's one giant cry for help and no one can get in touch with him.